Jerry’s Tour of the Alps 2012 – Friday July 6th

Praděd — Przełęcz Salmopolska — MartinskÚ hole/Križava — Habovka (ca. 57 km, ca. 1643m, ca. max 16%, ++░C)

Przełęcz Salmopolska

Quite a lot of car driving this day and we started with a long drive to Wisła in Poland. Pavel kept us informed about recent history in Czechia and we learned a lot from his rather extensive knowledge. From Wisła we took out the bikes to climb the Przełęcz Salmopolska/Biały Krzyż (934m). Pavel was ahead of me up this time, but I was going slow in the start, so maybe we kept the same speed on most of the climb. Not a very exciting climb, but nice calm area at the top. Quite hot weather now. We went back down the same way to continue with the car to our next climb, but Pavel went ahead down the other side as he had already done our next climb he decided to take a detour instead and do some other climb on his own (he never said much about his plans before, but here I anyway wanted to go to our next BIG climb).

I followed Pavel down a bit on the other side to see if I could get a better photo down that side, but the photo shows (looking back up to the pass) the views are not that exciting (a bit like any place home in Sweden).

MartinskÚ hole/Krizava

We drove on to Martin (actually the village before called Vr˙tky) and now leaving Czechia for Slovakia. From Vr˙tky (395m) starts an impressive climb to MartinskÚ hole and a TV sender mast above on the Križava (1448m) mountain (MartinskÚ hole is also the name of a mountain on the ridge, but not the mountain reached on this road). One passes by a small pass on the way up called Sedlo za Hradišťom/Hradisťa (702m). From MartinskÚ hole the asphalt is quite bad and some gravel will have to be tackled. If there has been no improvements, the climb up the last part may be even more difficult now in 2016, but we managed to just get up despite some pretty steep sections at up to ca. 16-17% I think.

Here Fredrik is arriving at the top, with good views east behind him.

MartinskÚ hole/Krizava

Here the view of the sender at Križava. It was still a bit further east to reach the Tatras mountains and the village of Habovka where we was to stay for the night, so we took the car again. Due to all the car riding we did not have time for more cycling this day. The hotel Julianin dvor was good as far as I can remember.