Jerry’s Tour of the Alps 2012 – Saturday July 7th

Habovka — Przełęcz Krowiarki — Sedlo Borek — Tatliakovo Jazero — VyšnÚ HutianskÚ sedlo — Habovka (175 km, 2250m, max 18%, 22-42░C)

Przełęcz Krowiarki

Now we finally arrived at the Tatras mountains, which after all was the main destination for our BIG meeting this time and some stayed in Habovka for three nights now, but we only stayed two nights. Some of us decided this day to cycle all day instead of doing any car riding, while others took the car partly to reach Przehyba (a partly gravel road with no views and not very exciting, but a BIG climb in Poland).

We somehow (probably on the easiest most straight forward way reached Jabłonka (635m) where a nice and easy climb on a sweet road in Poland took us to Przełęcz Krowiarki/Lipnicka (1012m) where we catched up with some of the people who took the car to the start of the climb. The pass itself is in a wooded area of no interest.

Polish-Slovak border crossing

On the way back I just followed Dirk and Anja (nice German couple) who I think had made up the plan for the day that I simply followed, so not totally sure where I was all the time. In the photo we had criss-crossed around in Poland for a while before crossing the border here back into Slovakia again. Again I think Pavel went his own way this day (he also did that on the first day I learned later, even though he was otherwise travelling in our car).

The road crossing here should be at Suchß Hora (village on the Slovakian side where we might have stopped to eat something). We took a small nice short cut road back to Habovka over Sedlo Borek/B˘rik (940m).

Tatliakovo Jazero

Now the idea was to end the day with a local climb starting virtually in Habovka (714m), via Zuberec to Ťatliakova chata (1357m) and the Ťatliakovo Jazero (lake) (not seen from the restaurant as far as I remember). The road up here was quite nice and apparently well built. Photo of me.

Tatliakovo Jazero

Dirk and I went on hard up here. In the photo here is one of the most prominent BIG climbers, Wim from the Netherlands (at number 6 on the BIG classement list now).

Tatliakovo Jazero

And here the place again with the long Dirk in the photo.

VyšnÚ HutianskÚ sedlo

It was not dark yet and on the way down I decided to explore the pas along the main road from Habovka going south. I had originally planned to cycle around the Tatras mountains and get back this way, but for some reason changed plans, but still was curious to see the views on that road and the evening was nice and the sun still up, so went up there on my own. VyšnÚ HutianskÚ sedlo/Wyżnia Huciańska przełęcz (945m) is easy to reach, but the road continues to climb up to 1072m (where the pass is noted on one official (?) map (that I cannot find now) and a name on OSM maps are placed there, but cannot find any serious reference for that name on the Internet, so do not mention it here either).

I continued a bit down on the other side of the high point to snap the photo here before returning back.

VyšnÚ HutianskÚ sedlo

Here is a photo at the actual pass looking ahead (south) on the way back and now the sun was going down. Time for dinner at the hotel in Habovka.